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"Nancy Erickson deserves our very close attention as a fully-formed artist, one of our best contemporary singers — full of feeling, wit, affection, reverence for tradition and a thoroughly winning originality."

- Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives



"Erickson is an impressive singer, and she has produced an album that portends a bright future for this jazz loving lady." 

- Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz



"Opening with a heartfelt original “New Year’s Eve,” Erickson’s warm and inviting tone promenades over pianist Darin Clendenin’s sauntering chords for an honest approach to a wonderful tune."


''Prelude to a Kiss” is perhaps my favorite track on the album, beautifully juxtaposing the upbeat songs with heart-wrenching vocal execution and skillful piano playing."

- Edan Krolewicz, Earshot Jazz



"A skilled singer who is also an excellent songwriter....Ms. Erickson has an appealing tone, does justice to lyrics and swings."

- Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene



"As the follow-up to her 2011 Prelude debut, Seattle vocalist Nancy Erickson sprightly sings While Strolling Through The Park, a 10-track sophisticated soiree with highlights a'plenty."

- Mike Greenblatt,



"Nancy Erickson belongs on the same page as many of the best in jazz vocals."


"Influenced by the likes of Nancy Wilson and the more contemporary Diana Krall, [Nancy] seems to "wiggle" or "snuggle" into her songs."..."This music is perfect for a rainy afternoon alone or a romantic evening."

- Les Reynolds,



"Her focused, husky yet natural voice is a delight."


"[regarding 'New Year's Eve'] the song celebrates something more lasting than the first flush of what we often call love, something warming that goes on for decades."

- Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives



"Erickson is smart in her song choice and arrangements. Erickson's superb "The Whippoorwill Song" and Edith Piaf's "La Vie en Rose" close is a fulfilling and most satisfying offering."

- C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz



"Erickson is greater than her humble NW origins, taking on a legendary, nostalgic hue, and that’s grand."


"Clearly, Nancy Erickson’s voice can handle whatever the set list calls for. Her song choices have grown to encompass more than audience favorites."

- Carol Banks Weber,



"Nancy has a wonderful voice. She understands the importance of good vocal techniques. And, she has fun making the music swing."
- Frank DeMiero, Sound Music Publications



"Your entire ensemble is one of the most polished I've had the pleasure to hear."..."I'm still raving about the show."
- Sharon Cordisco, Thumbnail Theater



"Unlike a lot of singers in the business, she doesn’t try to overpower the music or the stage, she’s keenly aware of each instrument’s role in a song, respects those roles, and yet reaches out with her own commanding, endearing signature style."


"...[Nancy is] gifted with an understated ability to mold her deep, voluptuous voice around impossibly tight, intricate melodic curves."
- Carol Banks Weber, Jazz Music Examiner

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